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Includes all member benefits including online access and monthly print issues of The Nation’s Health and the American Journal of Public Health.
Special Health Worker
Persons employed in community health whose annual salary is less than $40,000 or the equivalent for foreign nationals. (Please send proof of status via fax (202) 777-2530 or email it to
APHA members who have retired from active public health practice and no longer derive significant income from work-related activities. (Retired members will receive a print copy of the American Journal of Public Health.)
Early Career Professional
Open to anyone who has graduated in the last 24 months. Proof of graduation is required. Designed for individuals who are transitioning into the workforce, Early Career Professional offers all the same benefits as Regular membership, including mailed print copies of The American Journal of Public Health and The Nation’s Health, in addition to programs specific to new public health professionals. This member type is available for three consecutive years. Please send proof of graduation via fax (202-777-2530) or email (

Persons enrolled full- or part-time (minimum of 6 credit hours) who are actively pursuing a degree. Proof of status is required. Students receive online access to The American Journal of Public Health and print/online access to The Nation’s Health in addition to becoming members of the Student Assembly. Please send proof of status via fax (202-777-2530) or email (

As a Student member, you can purchase a print subscription to The American Journal of Public Health for an additional $30/year.
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Post doctoral candidates and others who cannot meet the above requirements may be eligible for the Special Health Worker category.


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