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The Quest for Health Reform: A Satirical History

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The Quest for Health Reform: A Satirical History is an engaging historical book that recounts the chronology of efforts to reform the U.S. health system through the lens of political cartoons published as early as the 19th century through passage of the Affordable Care Act. Co-authored by Executive Director of the American Public Health Association and former Joan H. Tisch Distinguished Fellow in Public Health at Hunter College, Georges C. Benjamin, MD, medical historian Theodore M. Brown, PhD; Susan Ladwig, MPH and Elyse Berkman, The Quest for Health Reform adds narrative to more than 100 years of selected caricatures, extending from famous 1870s editorial cartoonist Thomas Nast - who drew the elephant that remains a symbol for the Republican Party - to modern artists such as Mike Luckovich, who parodies U.S. Presidents Harry S. Truman, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. It is an amazing look at the evolution of health reform in the United States.

Author Q&A with Georges C. Benjamin, MD and Theodore M. Brown, PhD

Quest for Health Reform

Watch authors Georges C. Benjamin, MD, Theodore M. Brown, PhD with cartoonist Clay Bennett discuss editorial cartoons and health reform from the Roosevelt House, as seen on C-SPAN

ISBN: 978-0-87553-020-8

Author: Georges C. Benjamin, MD; Theodore M. Brown, PhD; Susan Ladwig, MPH; and Elyse Berkman

Publisher: APHA Press

Format: Softcover

Publishing Date: 01/13

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Non-Member Price: $ 26.50
Item #978-087553-0208

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