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Designing Healthy Communities Book and DVD Set

Designing Healthy Communities Book and DVD Set! Purchase together and save 20%

Designing Healthy Communities with host and narrator Dr. Richard J. Jackson, MD, MPH is a public television multi-media project providing a provocative and challenging view of the impact of the built environment has on our public health - how we live, where we live, and what we must change to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities.

The Designing Healthy Communities book offers a new perspective on the topics covered in each episode while providing a roadmap and tools for readers to effect similar positive change in their own communities. Dr. Jackson is a vibrant public speaker, highly skilled at distilling ideas to a simple and understandable conversation. Unlike textbooks on the topic, this book seeks to feel more like a conversation between Dr. Jackson and the many people he has met along the road. Through stories and examples, he will encourage readers to consider their own experience and why taking initiative to make positive change in society is important.

Episode Descriptions

Episode 1: Retrofitting Suburbia

On the first episode of Designing Healthy Communities, Dr. Richard Jackson M.D., M.P.H, investigates the link between our nation's obesity and Type 2 Diabetes epidemic with urban sprawl fueled by car dependency. To prevent disease through better urban planning, Boulder, Colorado redesigns the city to make bicycles a safe alternative transportation. Two Denver suburbs transform dead malls into mixed use and public transportation centered communities. An abandoned mall in Georgia gains new life as a K-8th grade charter school. And two grad students at Georgia Tech create visionary projects that are forever changing the face of Atlanta, Georgia.

Episode 2: Rebuilding Places of the Heart

When U.S. industry and manufacturing collapsed or went elsewhere, cities like Elgin, IL and Syracuse, NY (like many communities in the United States) were left with the task of redefining themselves for a new paradigm. Leading the way to a greener, more sustainable Elgin is a group of high school students. Despite many innovative programs to get Syracuse back on its feet, the city struggles with the larger problem of Lake Onondaga, the most polluted lake in our nation. Local Native American Onondaga tribal leader Oren Lyons serves as conscience in the movement to clean the industrially-polluted lake. And in Riverside California, 16 year old science prodigy, Otana Jakpor, has a personal reason for her war against air pollution. She takes her battle all the way to the White House.

Episode 3: Social Policy in Concrete

Dr. Richard Jackson M.D., M.P.H believes it is every citizen's right to live in a clean, healthy environment. This isn't the case for low-income neighborhoods, built near big transportation hubs and former industrial cities like Oakland, CA and Detroit, Michigan. We meet a morbidly obese grandmother struggling to raise 7 grand children, all of whom have asthma from living near the Port of Oakland. The city of Detroit resembles an abandoned war zone. Yet hope blossoms in both. Health officials, community activists and a new breed of young Urban Pioneers are working to fix their cities by transforming urban wilderness and food deserts into inspirational new models for other troubled, urban communities.

Episode 4: Searching for Shangri-La

On the last Episode, Dr. Jackson searches past and present America for healthy, sustainable communities of all sizes and shapes that can serve as models for the rest of our nation. His journey takes him to Roseto, PA, Prairie Crossing, IL New York City, Charleston, NC and the forgotten 1960's urban renewal project of Lafayette Park in Detroit, Michigan, the brainchild of 4 men, including visionary architect, Mies van der Rohe. Also Included are the 1960s, humorous but insightful, candid camera- style studies of people in public spaces by William Holly White, described by urban pioneer, Fred Kent of Project for Public Spaces.

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